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Todd Chapa
Todd Chapa
Lisa Dominick
Lisa Dominick
Hubert Hensley
Hubert Hensley
Such excellent service.
Nina Brendel
Nina Brendel
Received new pool cover and roll-up station. Amazing service, friendly staff and ‚on time’ delivery and installation !!!!
Mark Merritt
Mark Merritt
Rigardt Hoving
Rigardt Hoving
Happy with the Pool Cover installed by Designer Pool Covers! Looks good and managed to accommodate our request to have the installation done on a short notice.
Jill February
Jill February
Wilem is truly client centric, rarely in today's service world is a man's word his bond. I had an automated pool cover installed with Designer Pools and from start to finish Wilem delivered a quality product, quality service and post-project support. You cannot go wrong with Designer Pool Covers. They are worth every cent of your investment. On time, professional and world class product & service.
Hortencia Hughes
Hortencia Hughes
A big Thank you to you and your team for the 5star service and excellent communication during the pool cover installation process!
Zayden Bronkhorst
Zayden Bronkhorst
Thank you to Designer Pool Covers Cape Town for providing us with a great pool cover


Most frequent questions and answers

A pool safety cover is any multi-functional cover that goes over the top of a pool when it’s not in use. There are many different types of pool covers available, including:

  • Thermal blankets
  • Pet and child pool safety cover
  • PoolDeck slatted automatic pool covers
  • Automatic vinyl safety covers

Each of these different covers does a different job. Some prevent evaporation, reducing the need to refill and use extra chemicals in the pool. Others work to protect children and pets from going into the pool. All of them reduce dirt, debris, and leaves clogging up your pool.

Pool safety covers also differ in the materials they’re made from. While many pool covers are made from vinyl, you can purchase PVC pool covers reinforced with aluminum bars. These covers are substantially stronger than others available.

Nothing lasts forever. That’s also true for pool covers. If you’re serious about pool cover safety – and you should be – you’ll keep your pool cover in good condition. That means regular inspections and repairs.

Still, eventually, the pool cover will wear out.

So, how long do they last?

Well, expect a solid pool safety cover to last at least 6 to 10 years. In comparison, winter covers may only last 3 to 5 years. That all depends on the climate of your pool and the volume of use your covers can expect. The more you use them, the quicker they wear out.

With thermal covers, they’ll gradually become less effective over their lifetime. So, it can be cost-effective to replace them, to enjoy the full benefits of their insulating properties.

Absolutely! Here are seven key reasons why you should always cover your pool:

  1. Slow down evaporation

Heat equals evaporation. Left out in the sun, your pool will fade away into the atmosphere. But with a pool cover, South African heat will have little effect.

  1. Reduce your chemical consumption

No one loves the idea of swimming in a chemical cocktail. That’s where a pool cover comes in. They can reduce a pool’s chemical consumption by 35 to 60%. So, no more red eyes and sneezing.

  1. No leaves, dirt, or debris

On a hot summer’s day, outdoor pools are the place to be. The downside: everything else wants to jump in too. We’re talking about dead insects, shrubs, trees, essentially, all the outdoors. To prevent your pool from becoming a sludgy mess, purchase a pool cover.

  1. Retains heat

Who wants to dive into a freezing cold pool? Not me! Using a thermal pool blanket or vinyl pool cover will noticeably warm up the water. Perfect for an early morning dip!

  1. Save on money

Heat a pool, use chemicals, add more water – the costs add up. Pool covers may be an investment, but they save you money right from day one. If you’re finding you are constantly spending on pool maintenance, a pool cover might just be the perfect solution.

  1. Safety. Safety. Safety.

Shall I say it again? Safety! It’s easy to slip next to a pool. Waters laps against the sides and dampens the floor. Next thing you know, you’re toppling over and breaking your arm.

Pool cover safety is a serious business.

With a firm PVC cover, there’s no risk of falling in. Meaning your pool is safe for kids and pets too.

  1. They’re easy to use

Don’t be put off by complicated talk about automatic pool covers. They’re super simple to install and use. All it takes is the push of a button, and your pool will cover itself. It’s like magic!

Or, if you don’t have the money for an automatic system, you can simply pull the pool cover over the water. That’s it. There’s nothing else to it.

That largely depends on the type of pool cover you purchase. Try to walk on a vinyl pool cover, and you’ll find yourself sinking to the bottom. In contrast, PVC pool covers should hold your weight comfortably. Not that we recommend walking on them unless necessary.

Oh, and never try walking on a thermal blanket. They’re designed to cover your pool, not provide a catwalk along the top. You’ll be wet in seconds!

But beware, it may not be repairable if you rip the pool cover while walking on it. Typically, any rip or tear smaller than 6 inches is easy to repair. Larger tears, however, may necessitate a whole new cover.

It’s also not that safe. Which, considering the purpose of a pool cover is a serious no-no in pool cover safety.

After all, you just know your child or pet is going to want to copy you!

Pool cover or pool fence – which is better? We’re going firmly with pool covers, as the benefits are more considerable.

But first, what are the pros of a pool fence?

  1. Easy to spot. There’s little chance of ignoring a pool fence erected around your pool. That makes it a clear barrier for children or pets.
  2. Easy to put up. No hassle to erect; pool fences can be quickly deployed around a pool.
  3. Prevent drownings. Not all pool covers are designed with safety in mind. Whereas all pool fences will prevent people from falling in.

Despite those benefits, pool cover safety is ultimately superior. Why? Well, a child or dog can always find their way around a fence. That’s simply not possible with a pool cover. Plus, PVC pool covers can be safely walked across, preventing any risk of drowning. With a pool fence, that’s not the case. The pool water is still open to accidents.

You also get all the added benefits of reduced debris and evaporation. It’s a win-win situation.

That depends wholly on the size and shape of your pool. The type of pool cover you choose also has a massive impact.

Not to worry.

We make pool covers to fit any and all pool shapes. We’ll measure up your pool and provide you with a reasonable quote.

If you’d like a quote today, please get in contact with us. We’d love to help!

Because there’s simply no one who cares more about pool safety than us. But more than that, we do pool covers in style.

No pool is complete without a cover. When you’re basking under the Cape Town sun, you want to know your pool is safe and ready to use. That’s where we come in. We’re proud of our Cape Town heritage. And we’ve got the pool covers for you if you’re looking for a pool cover in Cape Town, whether you’re on the Cape Peninsula or in the southern suburbs.

To celebrate the city we serve, we thought we’d look at its history and culture – and then cover some key facts about pool covers in Cape Town. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for the best deal on a pool cover or just weighing up your options; spare a couple of minutes to learn about the city that we all love.

How to find designer pool covers in Cape Town

Do you need a cover for your Cape Town pool? Look no further; we’ve got you covered (no pun intended). We’re based in Cape Town and service the surrounding area. Our stylish and safe pool covers will keep your pools clean and look good while doing so. They’ll also save you money by reducing pool evaporation and cleaning – and you won’t need to spend extra on pool chemicals. Even one of our solar blankets – while not offering the full safety benefits – will save you a small fortune. That’s especially true in the cooler winter months you find in the city.

If you want to get in touch, it’s simple. Send our Cape Town regional manager, Willem de Wet, a message:


Phone: +21 (82) 461-8830

We also have an office in the city. So, if you’re walking through the area, check us out:

52 Goedemoed Road,


Cape Town


Now let’s dive into what we love most about our mother city – and why companies like ours call it home!

What makes Cape Town special?

Have you ever thought about how lucky you are to live in Cape Town – we know we do. Running a business here is an absolute dream. Indeed, this iconic and historic city is amongst the most beautiful parts of the country. We thought we’d share a few reasons why the city is so special to us:

  1. Beautiful natural wonder

Cape Town is widely considered a biodiversity hotspot – the Cape Floristic Region. Plants and animals found here aren’t seen anywhere else in the world. It could be the Peninsula Sandstone Fynbos and of the incredible birds high in the trees – they all bring us wonder. You can even see penguins on the Cape Town beaches, including near Simon’s Town.

It does bring one downside to us pool owners. The birds and trees and small mammals leave a lot of detritus floating in our pools. If left uncovered, our pools could quickly develop a sludge of plant matter. It’s why we’re dedicated to supplying the very best designer pool covers. So, you can protect your pool AND complement the stunning natural wonder.

  1. Weather and climate

Situated on the west coast opposite the Atlantic Ocean, the mother city of South Africa enjoys a warm Mediterranean climate. Our winters are mild and our summers warm. However, as you get close to Table Mountain and towards the southern suburbs, the annual rainfall does increase.

Nevertheless, it’s perfect pool weather almost all year round. Nor do the cool breezes hurt as they flow down the mountains towards the Cape Peninsula and the Atlantic Ocean. It’s often just what you need on a dry, warm summer’s day.

  1. History

Few places in South Africa have as much historical importance as the city of Cape Town. Positioned on the Cape Peninsula (or Cape Point), it was amongst the earliest landing points of the European settlers. Despite being discovered by the Portuguese (although it has been inhabited for as long as 15,000 years), it was the Dutch who intensively settled the area. In time, the city of Cape Town became the legislative capital of the nation.

The city of Cape Town also hosts Robben Island – a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Once the former prison of Nelson Mandela, the Robben Island Museum details the battle against apartheid and the formation of a new South Africa for all through the life of the former President.

  1. Culture

Cape Town is a thriving hub of South African culture. From the rich architectural heritage of Cape Dutch style buildings to the colourful streets of Cape Malay Bo-Kaap. The city hosts Botanical Gardens and art museums. Also, it serves as the gateway to the Cape Winelands in the mountains above the city.

In fact, nothing epitomises the relaxed atmosphere of Cape Town more than a glass of wine by the pool. Or, indeed, a can of beer – for the city is also at the epicentre of the nations’ craft beer revival.

Perhaps you prefer something a little more vibrant. Then check out the Cape Town Minstrel Carnival – held every year on the 2nd January. You’ll see competing teams of minstrels in brightly coloured costumes, playing the best Cape Jazz found anywhere in the Western Cape Province. It’s one of the highlights of the Cape Town tourism calendar.

What does the name Cape Town mean?

Unlike other South African cities (or other cities in the Western Cape Province), the city’s name doesn’t have a complex meaning. The name for the legislative capital refers to the town situated on the Cape of Good Hope.

Contrary to popular belief, the Cape of Good Hope isn’t the continent’s southernmost tip. Rather, it refers to Cape Point on the Cape Peninsula. Initially, it was referred to as the Cape of Storms but was later renamed. However, it is often referred to simply as “the Cape”.

Nor does the name change in either Afrikaans or Xhosa. In Afrikaans the name Kaapstad means the same thing, as does the term iKapa in Xhosa or Motse Kapa in South Sotho.

What language is spoken in Cape Town?

Cape Town has always served as a melting pot for outside and native cultures. Indeed, it is one of the most multicultural cities in the world, being a major destination for immigrants and expatriates. Historically, the city had major immigrant populations from the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

This remains evident to this day in the languages spoken in the city. English is the majority language throughout much of the city, though there are a few exceptions, like the southern tip of Cape Point and Simon’s Town, where Afrikaans is prevalent. Moreover, certain communities in the city are dominated by Xhosa speakers, particularly in the east. Further out, as you head out into the slopes of the mountains and beyond, Afrikaans becomes the dominant language.

Nevertheless, many of the city’s inhabitants are multilingual. In fact, here at Designer Pool Covers, we try to accommodate language differences wherever we can. After all, it’s a pretty even one-third split between the three major languages.

Is it safe in Cape Town?

We think so! There’s a reason so many companies call the city of Cape Town home. Nowhere is perfect – and Cape Town has a few problems. But it’s nothing that should affect either the booming businesses or the Cape Town tourism industry.

Cape Town is also one of the most equal places in all of South Africa, giving people of all backgrounds the best chance of succeeding. It’s a fantastic business environment to work in, with new talent always available. It’s why we’ve been able to go from strength to strength in our ten years of serving the Cape Town community.

The city is also continuously expanding, with ever more infrastructure becoming available. That also means more homes and more pools! It’s little wonder businesses such as ours are thriving. With more and more middle-class South Africans enjoying the benefits of owning a pool, we help them do so on a budget.

It also helps meet their requirements under South African law. As stated in the National Building Regulations, homeowners should prevent their pools from being accessible to the public. High walls and self-latching gates are always advised. But pool covers can also prevent animals and small children from falling in – depending on the type of cover.

Either way, it makes sense to install a high-quality pool cover to prevent any accidents.

In our own way, we’re helping to make Cape Town a safer place. 

Pools present a key safety risk in South African homes. Because of this risk, the South African legislature requires that access to swimming pools is controlled. Part D4 of the National Building Regulations also states that any homeowner can be sued for negligence if someone drowns in their swimming pool. Pools failing to meet the necessary safety standards are grounds for negligence.

Moreover, swimming pools should not be easily accessible by the public. Meaning a wall or fence exists between the pool and the street. Public swimming pools must be even more stringent, with high walls or self-latching gates being needed. Pool covers and pool safety nets also serve as extra protection and warning devices that a pool should not be accessed. Solid safety covers can prevent pets, children, and adults from drowning or becoming injured. However, such safety devices must undergo routine pool maintenance.

Regardless of any legalities, it’s always sensible to install a pool cover on your property. Pool covers increase the safety of a pool and decrease the costs of maintenance, such as water loss and pool cleaning and heating.

Please get in touch via our contact form for a free quote today. We supply pool covers through South Africa and the Western Cape.

If you live in the Western Cape, we can provide you with a bespoke, custom-made pool cover for your swimming pool. We supply pool covers to Cape Town and the surrounding region. We are the principal supplier of pool cover solutions in the area. Our high-quality products include Solar Blankets, PoolDeck Slatted Automatic Pool Covers, Automatic Vinyl Safety Covers, PoolLock V5M Easy Glide, Pet and Child Safety Cover. We also provide pool cover maintenance at a competitive price.

We operate nationally, supplying swimming pool covers to Johannesburg and KwaZulu Natal too.

For further information about pool cover Cape Town, contact our head office ( or speak to our regional manager, Willem de Wet (

You can also enter your details into our contact form for a free quote today.

Designer Pool Covers operate nationally throughout the company. We have regional managers available in Johannesburg KwaZulu Natal, and we supply pool cover to Western Cape.

53 Goedemoed Rd, Goedemoed, Cape Town, 7550

If you would like to contact our pool covers Cape Town regional manager, please speak to Willem de Wet:

+22 (82) 461-8330

Alternatively, you can send your details via our contact form, and we’ll get in touch with a quote. We can discuss the specifics of your Cape Town pool cover and then begin designing your custom-made pool cover. We also provide pool maintenance for pool covers in Cape Town.

The best place to buy pool covers Cape Town is from us here at Designer Pool Covers. We supply high-end, elegant, and stylish pool covers custom-made to the size and shape of your pool. It doesn’t matter if your property is indoor, outdoor, residential or commercial; we will design and create a bespoke pool cover to meet all your needs.

Please get in touch with our regional Manager, Willem de Wet:

+22 (82) 461-8330

If you would like to make a more general enquiry, you can also contact us at our head office:

More than most locations, the installation of a pool cover will save you money and improve pool safety. Being located in a warm climate means there is excessive evaporation from your pool. In Summer, Cape Town temperatures can exceed 40°C. Refilling pools can significantly increase costs. Installing our solar blankets or other quality products can prevent water evaporation by creating a barrier between the sun rays and the pool surface.

In contrast, winter temperatures can drop below freezing. During these temperatures, heating a pool becomes the primary waste of money. For businesses, in particular, such costs can be excessive when heating the pool for prolonged periods of time. Solar blankets and other pool covers will also reduce the loss of heat throughout the colder seasons. It’ll also keep the pool temperature warm so that you can use the pool throughout the year. After all, if you’re spending so much money on upkeep, you want to get full use of your investment.

Cape Town also has a significant amount of vegetation, increasing the dirt and debris which can clog up a pool. Regularly cleaning a pool will increase the costs of pool maintenance, alongside requiring more chemicals to keep the pool water clean. Instead, by covering the pool, you secure your pool to debris and prevent rainwater from going in. This will significantly reduce the overheads of pool maintenance long-term.