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Automatic Pool Covers


If you own swimming pool covers, there is a chance that you will find it difficult or time-consuming to apply the covers manually, mainly if you use them often. In addition, they may not always fit correctly or can tear, and they’re not always the best long-term coverage for pools.

Automatic pool covers for pools are a great option to solve this problem because they offer numerous advantages that you can’t receive with a manual pool cover. First, they are quick and efficient; they will help keep your pool in good shape by doing a more effective job of keeping debris and dirt out. They also remove all the stress of installing a cover by yourself.

If you’re in a quandary over whether a high-quality automated pool cover will be worth the time and money when you could use a manual pool cover, don’t be concerned. In the next section, you’ll discover the reason you’ll do yourself a tremendous benefit by switching to automatic covers for your Pool.

Are Pool Covers Necessary If I Already Have an Automatic Pool Cover?

If you already have an automatic pool cover, you might wonder if additional pool cover options are necessary. While an automatic cover can effectively protect your pool, it is worth considering other options for various reasons. Supplementary covers, such as solar covers or safety covers, can provide additional benefits such as energy savings, heat retention, and enhanced safety measures for your pool. It is important to assess your specific needs and preferences to determine if additional pool cover options are worth considering.

Are Slats and Vinyl Pool Covers as Effective as Automatic Pool Covers?

Slats and vinyl pool cover durability may vary compared to automatic pool covers. While slats and vinyl pool covers offer decent protection, automatic pool covers are often considered more effective. The latter provide better insulation, prevent debris from entering the pool, and offer greater safety due to their automatic functions.

The Pros and Cons of Automatic Pool Covers

Fully automated Pool covers come with numerous advantages that you’ll love when purchasing an automatic pool cover for your home; however, we should also review some of the drawbacks. So, you’ll be able to know precisely the value you get from your investment, considering that automatic pool covers aren’t necessarily a low-cost investment.

The Pros

Here are a few of the top advantages of pool covers that are automatic.

They do the work themselves.

The primary benefit of automated cover for pools is that they can do the majority of the work for themselves after they are installed. It is unnecessary to step into the Pool and move your cover across the pull before fixing it to the wall. Instead, the lid automatically moves across the pull and back out and out, resulting in a simple process that performs flawlessly every time.

You don’t have to be concerned about it becoming stuck or falling off, as can occur with manual covers since they attach different ways each time.

They make it easier to Maintain Your Pool Clean.

Since automated pool covers perform a superior job at covering pools than manual counterparts, it is harder for dirt and other debris to get into the Pool. This results in the Pool being easier to keep clean, even when you eventually have the task of cleaning it. Therefore the automatic cover for your Pool can save time and energy in this way.

They can eliminate the need for Fences.

Based on the location you reside in, it is the case that the city or county typically requires that pool owner put up fences around their pools due to security reasons. You do not want your Pool to be a risk to your pet or children; However, you may be opposed to the idea of fences. An automatic cover for your Pool could be a viable alternative in this situation.

Some cities or counties permit automatic covers for Pools to cover fences, but some allow it, so determine which one applies to the area you reside in. Automated pool covers are great even if you require fencing; however, not needing to install fencing is a highly appealing reason to purchase a computerised pool cover.

They could help to heat your Pool.

For those fans of getting into the warmer pool water, automatic pool covers are great because they do a better job of heating a pool than regular pool covers and solar covers for pools.

If you’re not an enthusiastic swimmer and your Pool’s water is on the warmer side. If that’s the case, it could be an issue for you. However, the amount of heat that your Pool receives is heavily dependent on the sun’s intensity as well as the temperature of the surrounding area.

In extremely hot regions during certain seasons, You may notice your Pool becoming a bit hot, but the automatic cover won’t heat your Pool to the point of extreme heat outside of these instances.

The Cons

There are a few negatives to consider with the essential advantages out of the way before buying an automatic cover for your Pool.

They are more expensive than Manual Pool Covers.

The price of an automatic pool cover isn’t affordable. Except for the decks that slide, automated pool covers are among the most expensive covers for pools by a significant amount. In general, a winter pool cover costs between R2000,00 and R4500,00. In contrast, solar blankets can be priced between R12500,00 to R18000,00.

Compare them to an automatic pool cover’s cost typically ranging between R150000,00 to R350000,00. While you will benefit from the benefits from an automatic pool cover, the price is one to be aware of regardless.

They need more care to be maintained.

Maintaining an automated pool cover requires more effort than a standard pool cover because it’s more challenging to repair if it breaks. It’s not to say that you’ll have regular or frequent technical issues with an automatic cover, but since it’s a greater risk.