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Before purchasing a swimming pool cover, consider the following:

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Before purchasing a swimming pool cover, consider the following: 9

Having a pool on your home is a wonderful perk that can give the whole family hours of enjoyment throughout the summer. Owning a pool, however, entails a great deal of responsibility.

Make sure your pool doesn’t turn into a potentially deadly safety hazard and is a safe addition to your house. To do this, you must take specific precautions to ensure that the water is clean, that family members and pets cannot access the pool area unattended, and that the water is safe to swim in.

A excellent approach to guarantee your family’s safety and reduce maintenance costs is to invest in a high-quality, reliable, and secure pool cover. However, you must ensure that the pool cover you choose is appropriate for your needs and serves your goal.

Therefore, take some time to read through our guide on what to consider before buying a pool cover before choosing the pool cover for your property. This will assist in ensuring that you make the best decision and select a cover that you will be delighted with for many years.

What to Think About Before Purchasing a Pool Cover for Your Pool

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When purchasing a pool cover, you should first think about your legal obligations as the pool owner and how you plan to fulfill them.

What are the pool cover regulations in South Africa?

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Every private swimming pool that can hold more than 30 cm of water must be enclosed by a child-proof fence, according to SANS 10134 from the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS). Additionally, “to prevent youngsters from drowning, the space should be provided with a safety net or solid safety cover.”

When determining which sort of policy is appropriate for your property, keep this advice top of mind. Consider the practical aspects of your pool area and the style of cover that will provide your family with the safest outdoor environment imaginable.

Safety Cover: Never Always Choose the Cheapest Option

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Man covers swimming pool with cover for protection against dirt, leaves, heating and cooling water.

Choosing the least expensive safety cover when purchasing one for your pool is a simple error to make. However, many pool owners believe this to be a misleading attempt at saving money. In addition to having worse stitching, less secure safety features to keep kids out of the water, and less durable weather resistance, inexpensive covers are more prone to rip, tear, and lose their usability sooner.

Thus, sooner than you had intended, you may find yourself spending more money to get a replacement. By selecting a cover based on high-quality components and durable safety measures, you can ensure that it will offer a long-term safety solution for the security of your pool.

Ensure the pool cover is sturdy and long-lasting.

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Before purchasing a swimming pool cover, consider the following: 10

You must be sure to take the materials listed in the description into account when choosing a cover for your pool. Throughout the season, your pool cover will be put through a lot of wear and tear because you’ll be continuously putting it on and taking it off, it’ll be exposed to the elements, and you’ll want a material that helps retain heat and reduce evaporation.

Due to all of this, you must spend money on a pool cover constructed of sturdy, high-quality materials that will withstand the test of time and withstand the practical demands of the swimming pool season.

Should Your Pool Have a Weight-Supporting Safety Cover?

If you want to spend money on weight-bearing pool covers, it is something you should think about while choosing the ideal pool cover. By ensuring that even if family members trip or fall in the area around the pool, the pool covers will support their weight and they won’t fall into the water, they add an additional layer of protection to the pool area.

These pool coverings may require a larger investment, but the added peace of mind they offer is sometimes priceless.

Do you wish to actively stop algae growth with the pool cover?

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Before purchasing a swimming pool cover, consider the following: 11

The prevention of algae growth in the water is one of the key challenges a pool owner engages in each summer. Did you know that some types of pool covers might aid in keeping your pool free of algae growth?

The process of photosynthesis, which algae need to grow and flourish, will be prevented by pool covers that block the transfer of light when the pool is covered.

Additionally, pool covers that are actually secure will aid in reducing the amount of dirt, debris, and leaves that enter the water and serve as food for algae.

How well-secured is your pool cover when kids attempt to take it off?

How secure the locking mechanisms are once the cover has been spread out over the pool area is one of the primary issues to consider when comparing pool covers. When you turn your back, you want to make sure that the safety features and anchors won’t be easily undone by small hands.

Consider the several pool cover security options before selecting one that your kids won’t be able to open on their own.

Check to see if your pool covers are cost-effective!

It is simple to focus just on the cost when purchasing new pool covers. However, pool covers are a great strategy to ensure that you keep costs down while swimming season is in effect!

Your water and water heating expenses could be greatly reduced if you make an investment in a high-quality pool cover!

This is due to the fact that a heat-retaining pool cover will guarantee that the heat that water has absorbed from the sun during the day will be preserved during the chilly nighttime temperatures.

A good pool cover will also result in reduced evaporation in your pool and fewer top-ups required during the season.

Think about where you want to get your pool cover.

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You should consider which business you want to get your pool cover from. It is usually better to contact specialized businesses when looking for the greatest pool cover on the market.

They also probably offer the best selections, with a wide variety of options for different sorts of pools. Additionally, they will be able to provide custom options not found on more broad-based platforms.

If you purchase from a pool cover specialist, you will also have access to custom alternatives, such as larger cover options for larger pools or covers made specifically to reduce evaporation. A seasoned and knowledgeable pool cover supplier will be able to give you the precise design you require.

What Are Some Safety Measures to Consider When Using a Swimming Pool Cover?

Swimming pool safety tips are crucial when using a pool cover. Always ensure the cover is in good condition and securely fastened to prevent accidents. Regularly inspect and maintain the cover to fix any damages promptly. Remember to remove any standing water accumulated on top of the cover to avoid potential risks.

Where in South Africa Can You Find Sturdy, Secure, and High-Quality Swimming Pool Covers?

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Before purchasing a swimming pool cover, consider the following: 12

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