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Swimming Pool Safety – How to Keep Your Family Safe This Summer

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As we head into swimming season, now is the perfect time for you to brush up on your swimming pool safety. Making sure that you are up to date with the ins and outs of keeping your family safe and that all your pool safety equipment is in good condition, is one of the most important tasks for a pool owner at this time of year.

If you take the proper steps at the start of swimming pool season you can decrease the chances of any accidents and help ensure that your family has a safe and happy time in the water this year.

Below we will run you through the Swimming Pool Safety tips and checks you need to keep in mind. We will also talk you through how to check if your pool safety equipment is in good condition and will serve its purpose or if you should be looking to replace it before summertime hits.

Swimming Pool Safety – Top Tips for Keeping the Pool Area Safe This Year

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Make sure your pool is a safe and happy place this year by following these top 5 tips aimed at keeping your family safe while in the water. Taking the time to educate yourself and your family about pool safety should be a top priority before the summer season begins.

Discuss Pool Safety With the Whole Family

It’s all very well making sure that you are up to date on all the ins and outs of pool safety. But if you want to make sure your children behave responsibly around the pool it is worth sitting them down and making sure they understand how important it is to stay safe.

Most young children gravitate to the water, whether that’s your pool outside, the pool of a neighbor, or an area that has been filled with rainwater during bad weather. Make sure your children are aware that they are not allowed to play in the pool or any other waters unless you or another adult is there to supervise.

You don’t want to instill fear of the water into your child but it is important to make sure they understand how to stay safe around your pool and the water safety rules to follow. It should be made very clear that they must stay out of the pool area when unsupervised.

Make Sure a Set Pool Area Supervisor is Present at All Times

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This might sound a bit military for the pool area at home, but if your whole family is out on the patio, it can be easy for adults to assume that other grown-ups are watching the pool area. if you have family and friends over make sure that there is at least one person who knows that it is their responsibility to keep an eye on the pool area.

The task can be split on a rota basis between the parents to ensure the pool is kept under a watchful eye at all times.

Make Sure You Know What to Look For

You should be up to date on the signs to look for if a child is having trouble in the pool. Do some research online and watch some online video guides to the signs to look for when children are in the water. Make sure you know how to recognize signs of distress in the pool and know what to do if you spot them.

Stay Off Your Phone While Children Are in The Pool

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The majority of us are addicted to our devices to a greater or lesser extent, but you need to make sure to stay out of the sphere of your phone and concentrate on the pool. It can literally only take a few seconds for your children to run into trouble when in the pool and you need to remain vigilant at all times.

Invest in Swimming Lessons for Your Children

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One of the most important safety tips if you have a pool at home is to make sure that you sign your children up for swimming and pool safety lessons. Obviously, this will not provide a 100% guarantee that your child will not run into trouble, but the stronger that are in the pool, the fewer chance accidents may occur.

There may be child swimming lessons run out of the local public baths that you can enroll your children in which should help to keep them safe in a pool on your own property. Research the best lessons for your child and enroll them in a swimming course where they can learn water safety and make new friends.

Keep Your Pool Area Safe and Tidy

Another key way to maintain the safety of the pool is to make sure everyone knows it should be kept clear and today at all times. if the surrounding area of the pool is strewn with towels, toys, and other items, these could prove to be trip and safety hazards that could result in people falling into the water.

Make Sure to Keep the Surroundings of the Pool Secure

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One of the most important parts of maintaining the safety of the pool is to make sure that the entrance to the pool and surrounding fencing is secure. A child should not be able to walk into the pool area without being accompanied by an adult.

The South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) requires that every person with a private swimming pool on their property which can hold more than 30cm of water needs to be surrounded by a child-proof fence that prevents access to the area and into the pool.

You also need to ensure that pool is fitted with a secure safety cover or net to prevent children from entering into water unless they are with a responsible adult.

Checking Your Pool Safety Equipment Ahead of Swimming Season

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Another aspect of pool safety you can’t overlook is doing regular checks of your pool safety equipment. This should be part of your weekly schedule to make sure that you can stay on top of the water safety of the area at all times.

Check Your Safety Cover Regularly

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It is essential for an in-ground pool or above-ground pool to be securely covered when not in use. This will prevent children and pets from getting into the pool and will also ensure that dirt and debris are kept out.

With a regular schedule for checking the safety cover and other equipment regularly, you will be able to spot problems before they develop and arrange for repairs or replacements in a timely manner.

Here are some checks for a pool owner to make for the cover of a pool:

Check for and remove any water that has accumulated on the surface of the cover.

If left to weigh down on the surface, rainwater can lead to rips or tears and require you to replace the cover sooner rather than later.

make sure that the pool cover material is still strong and durable

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Even the highest quality cover can be damaged and worn by weather wear throughout the years. Make a thorough check of the material of the cover and ensure that the cover is strong enough to last for another season.

Maintain a schedule of checking the pool cover once a week

Ensure that you check the cover at least once a week while it is in use. Remove dirt, leaves, and debris that may lead to damaging mould, and take the time to check for small tears or rips before they develop into bigger problems.

Ensure that child safety features and locks still work

Even if your child has learned to swim, you need to make sure that they cannot enter swimming pools alone. And the child safety features available on pool covers can help to make sure this doesn’t happen.

But you must make sure that the safety lock features and the cover anchors work correctly and cannot be removed by inquisitive children with a love of water.

Invest in a High-Quality Pool Cover that will support pool safety for years to come

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Do you need to replace the safety cover for your pool? Why not head over to Designer Pool Covers to access an exclusive range of child-safety swimming pool covers and thermal blankets?

We have a wide range of exclusive, high-quality, and durable covers for a variety of different pool types and sizes. From automatic slat covers, weight-bearing covers, and features designed to keep young children locked out – we are certain you’ll find what your need in our range.

What Are the Steps for Properly Removing and Storing a Swimming Pool Safety Cover?

When it’s time to remove and store swimming pool safety covers, there are several steps you should follow for proper maintenance. Begin by removing any debris from the cover and draining excess water. Gently fold the cover and place it in a storage bag or container. Avoid exposing the cover to direct sunlight and store it in a cool, dry place to prevent damage. Taking these steps will ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your swimming pool safety cover.

Summary – How to Keep Your Family Safe This Summer

Keeping ahead of the safety measures and checks for swimming pools is an important aspect of keeping your family safe this summer. And taking the steps to prevent accidents before they happen can provide great peace of mind to a parent and pool owner.

Take another look through our tips and checks for your pool detailed above and decide how you are going to approach a safety plan for your above-ground or inground pool this season. Planning ahead will help you and your family to swim without incident throughout the summer.