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Slatted Covers


The PoolDeck slatted covers are CUSTOM MADE to fit any size and shape pool: whether it is indoor, outdoor, residential or commercial – you can choose from a wide variety of POLY CARBONATED or high-quality pvc slats, as well as different installation options to ensure that the cover is integrated perfectly with your pool surroundings.

Our slatted covers are EASY to install and even easier to operate; just press a button or turn a key to cover or uncover your pool. Not only are our slatted covers ELEGANT and STYLISH but they will ensure you save money due to the various benefits that were listed. The main benefit is that the polycarbonate option can increase your pools temperature.


PoolDeck Slatted Automatic Pool Covers

Please note: Slatted covers float on water. Slats are air sealed and have a buoyancy factor. For Slatted Covers to also act as a safety cover, either a safety ledge or stainless steel handrail is required so nothing can slip between the side of the pool and the internal wall of the pool. This acts as a catchment and prevents the slats from tilting too deep under water. This option can be included on all installation options mentioned here:

Our Specialization

As owners of Designer Pool Covers and as parents we encourage that every pool owner must have a comprehensive safety plan when considering having a pool. Legislation makes it compulsory that every pool must have a safety feature such as a net, fence or pool cover*.

Our range of covers is the ideal safety device because the cover acts as a horizontal fence, completely sealing off the pool and preventing accidental or unsupervised access by children, pets, and uninvited visitors.

Other safety features of our range of covers include: • Strength: our covers can hold up to 150kg (on manual options) and 250 kg pm2 (on automated options) • Accessibility: our covers can be locked and closed with various systems (depending on product chosen) • Tamper proof and durable *more information for each product will be covered in the sections to follow. Apply multiple layers of security around your pool. Remember, there is no substitute for proper supervision or safety practices.

We can customize manual or automatic covers and provide various installation options (such as above ground or below ground) on new builds, existing and free form pools depending on your requirements and budget of project.

We also offer different colour options and finishes.

Keeping your pool covered when not in use has various economic benefits (for you and the environment):

• ensures that the water evaporation is reduced to a minimum (by 80%)

• your pool water heating cost is lowered considerably

• you save on chemicals (by 70%)
• maintenance and upkeep time is reduced
• the pool is ready to swim in at any time

You have designed and built the pool of your dreams to enjoy moments of peace, pleasure and relaxation, so by covering it with one of our products, it will ensure that:

• Dirt, leaves and debris are kept out of the pool

• Some options ensure that even rain water stays out

Do not waste your time cleaning it – just open a Designer Pool Cover and your pool is crystal clear and swim ready all year round.

During construction of your pool a wet pit is incorporated to house the mechanism. A lid system (optional extra) is installed at one level to the surrounding surfaces of the pool giving you a neat finished look. Advantages of this option includes no obstructions around the pool and does not interfere with the aesthetics of the pool.

This is a great option for existing pools as slats can be cut to various sizes (large to small) to fit your pool while neatly folding up into a bench of choice. Advantages of this option includes a simple installation process, minimalistic preparation requirements and easy maintenance and access for servicing.

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