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Automatic Vinyl Safety Covers


Our automatic system is run by a hydraulic ‘direct drive’ motor/s which opens and closes the cover by turning the key. The cover runs up and down in a track system and is the ULTIMATE SAFETY COVER OPTION on the market not only because the electrical motor, called the Power Pack, is removed from the immediate pool environment but is located next to the Pool Pump. No electrical motor is installed within a meter from the water area.


Automatic Vinyl Safety Covers

This option works for both small (5m x 3m) to very large pools (25m x 8m).

  Other advantages of this system include:

  Very long lifetime Versatile and adaptable

No danger of electric related injuries because there are no electrical installations near the pool

• No motor damages caused by water
• Can handle up to 250 kg per m²
• Can open and close in less than 60 seconds

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