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What are the Benefits Of

A Designer Pool Cover
Keep your family safe

As a safety device, the automatic cover completely seals and prevents unplanned access to your pool. And while there’s no substitute for proper supervision, your pool can be protected even when you’re not around. It’s the ultimate safety barrier every pool owner should have.

10 Years Experience

We have been the trend setters and industry leaders in the supply and installation of Automatic and Manual Pool Covers in South Africa since 2012 with industry experience of over 10 years.

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Highly experienced and qualified team look forward to providing you with the ultimate pool cover solution to suit your requirements.

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As Designer Pool Covers owners and as parents, we encourage everyone to have a comprehensive safety plan. South African law states that every swimming pool must have an additional function such as a net, fence or cover. Our enclosures offer three key safety features: strength, security, and durability. We have a range of manual options that can hold up to 150kg, while the automatic versions the
have a capacity of 250 kg per square meter – that’s 50 times the weight limit for an average man. often!
Best of all, our locks act as a tamper-proof measure to keep your items safe from thieves. Finally, they are made from premium materials, which makes them highly durable.

The most exclusive range of pool cover products

To suit your requirements. We urge you to implement this plan today! With a safe sleek and stylish Designer Pool Cover

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Highly experienced and qualified team look forward to providing you with the ultimate pool cover solution

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You want to protect your family from any harm, especially babies, young children and animals.  One of the best ways is with a safety pool cover that prevents unplanned access when you’re not around. Your pool can be safe and protected, even if no one is supervising it!

Our Child and Pet Safety Cover is ssupported across the pool by aluminium battens that are secured into the PVC cover. It has a ± 300mm overlap on all sides and one end is anchored into place with removable anchor bolts. The opposite end has corresponding ratchets which allow the cover to be tightened. When the cover is tensioned horizontally across the pool, the poles are pulled downwards thus allowing zero access, tampering or release attempts by children and pets due to the overlap. Drainage holes in between each pole, eliminates water from collecting on top of the cover.

The PoolLock V5 Manual Easy Glide Safety Cover mechanism has a built-in gear. This cover is opened by using a crank handle that acts as a key and is removable, making it Child and Pet Safe!

Our Automated Vinyl and Slatted covers can be locked and closed with various systems (depending on product chosen)

These safety features prevent anyone trying to gain unauthorized entry into your swimming area while protecting them at all times whether or not there is supervision nearby. Ensure these measures are installed especially on sweltering days where the water might look more enticing during our summer heat waves.

Safety 100%
Benefits 100%
Savings 85%
Quality 100%

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With pool covers, you can reduce the amount of leaf debris in your pool. This not only reduces the number of times you’ll need to empty your automatic cleaner but also reduces how much pressure is put on skimmer nets, filters and pumps. Designer Pool Covers is the perfect solution for extending your swimming season all year long while protecting your pool from damage to filters as well as debris getting into pumps. This all in one product keeps unwanted dirt out of pools so that there is minimal work needed with cleaning or upkeep throughout winter months when they’d otherwise be left uncovered.

Return on Investment

By reducing the evaporation of your pool cover, you conserve more water and reduce chemical use. This will save up to 70% on costs! Your equipment is also kept cleaner by a pool cover because it prevents dirt from entering into the area. Additionally, our covers can significantly increase how long this equipment lasts as well!


With a pool cover, you can keep your swimming season going and reduce wear-and-tear on filtration systems. Plus, it cuts down on unnecessary maintenance costs!

Maintain Water Temperature

For people who want a warm pool, installing a swimming pool cover can help significantly reduce heating bills. Not only does it maintain the water temperature but slightly increases it as well!

Better For Everybody

More Benefits

Less Chemicals

A pool cover reduces the amount of UV light coming into contact with the water. This is an important advantage as chlorine, a necessary chemical for pools’ cleanliness and sanitation, is degraded when exposed to UV rays. Thus, you won’t need to add as much chlorine! For those considering a saltwater pool, the system will use less energy since it doesn’t have to work as hard.

Water Conservation

Each year 2.5 billion litres of water are lost from swimming pools in Africa alone. These losses can be prevented by using pool cover technology, saving you hundreds of Rands on chemical costs each month!

An uncovered 5 x 11-meter pool can lose as much as 650 litres a week to evaporation, taking expensive chemicals with it. Our covers help conserve hundreds and millions ~of litres~ of pool water each year while preserving the planet’s most precious resource—while also saving you money!!!

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Top Quality Pool Covers

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