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Factors Affecting the Cost of PoolDeck Slatted Automatic Pool Covers


Are you looking to install a pool cover but unsure where to start? It’s important to know that the cost is influenced by various factors such as size, shape, and materials used. This blog will guide you through selecting a PoolDeck Slatted Automatic Pool Cover and help unpack costs involved so you can make an informed decision.

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Key Takeaways

  • The cost of a PoolDeck Slatted Automatic Pool Cover is influenced by factors such as pool size, shape, and materials used.
  • Other factors that affect the cost include the type of cover chosen, brand reputation, additional features, and cover thickness.
  • Pool covers offer benefits beyond aesthetics, including safety, heating efficiency, cleanliness, and cost savings on maintenance and heating expenses.
  • There are different types of pool covers available in South Africa, including bubble wrap covers, automated covers like the PoolDeck slatted automatic cover, PVC slat covers,

Understanding Pool Cover Costs in South Africa

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Several factors can influence the cost of pool covers in South Africa, including the size and shape of the cover, the materials used, and the customization options available.

Factors influencing pool cover costs

Understanding the various factors involved in pool cover costs equips you with the knowledge to make an informed choice.

  1. The size and shape of your pool significantly affect the cost, as larger or peculiarly shaped pools require more material.
  2. The type of pool cover chosen also impacts the overall price; options range from bubble wrap covers to high-end automatic slatted models.
  3. Brand reputation and quality standards play a big role in determining costs, with well – regarded manufacturers often commanding higher prices for their trusted products.
  4. The specific materials used in a pool cover construction can greatly influence its cost, with durable, top-quality materials fetching a premium.
  5. Additional features such as UV protection or automatic retraction mechanisms increase complexity and cost.
  6. Lastly, the thickness of your cover and its micron rating (indicating resistance to damage) will likely escalate your expenditure.

Considering the value of a pool cover

Pool covers serve a variety of purposes that extend beyond mere aesthetics. They offer invaluable benefits such as safety, heating efficiency, cleanliness, and enhanced enjoyment of your pool.

An automatic pool cover can be seen as an investment rather than an expense because of the savings it provides in terms of maintenance costs over time.

Moreover, having a pool cover significantly reduces heating expenses by 50% to 70%, leading to substantial cost savings which cannot be overlooked. Options like motorised or slatted pool covers are popular choices in South Africa due to their operational convenience and durability.

Thus, understanding the value is crucial when deciding on the type of pool cover for your swimming facility. A smart choice could lead not only to better user experience but also considerable long-term economic benefits.

Different Types of Pool Covers

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There are several different types of pool covers available, including bubble wrap pool covers, automated pool covers, PVC slat covers, non-solar polycarbonate slat covers, solar polycarbonate slat covers, and fully foam-filled covers.

Bubble wrap pool covers

Bubble wrap pool covers serve as a great investment for any swimming pool owner. One significant advantage of these covers is their ability to reduce water evaporation by up to a stunning 98%.

They can retain heat and keep the water at an agreeable temperature, saving on heating costs. While they may be slightly more costly than other types in the South African market, ranging from R110 to R180 based on size and micron thickness, the benefits outweigh this initial cost over time.

It’s crucial to note that topping up a pool without such cover could incur charges anywhere between 35 to 70 units of currency. In comparison with foam covers or other variants, bubble covers often prove more affordable while still offering excellent protection against external elements like leaves or insects.

The key lies in finding the right balance between cost, efficiency and longevity when choosing your ideal bubble wrap pool cover.

Automated pool covers

Automated pool covers offer an unparalleled combination of safety, convenience and cost-saving functions. Pool owners can control these using a simple push-button operation, which eliminates the strenuous manual task of opening and closing traditional covers.

They come in several types such as mesh pool covers and solid pool covers, suited to different needs for every season. A distinct type among them is the PoolDeck slatted automatic cover that provides both aesthetic appeal to your swimming area while efficiently maintaining cleanliness and temperature.

This advanced technology incorporated in automated pool covers goes hand in hand with increased costs but stands out due to its practical benefits over time. Not only do they prevent unwanted debris from entering the water but also cut down on heating expenses by retaining heat within the pool even during cold months.

Their integrated safety features significantly reduce potential accidents around pools making them ideal for households with children or pets.

PVC slat covers

PVC slat covers, made of robust polycarbonate material, offer a cost-effective solution for pool covering needs. They stand out for their durability and practicality in maintaining the pool’s warmth due to their unique air-sealed design.

This heat retaining feature not only keeps your pool warm but also reduces the need for excessive chlorine use, making it an energy-efficient option.

Adding a touch of personal style is easy with PVC slat covers as they come in 8 attractive colours. You have the freedom to pick one that best complements your outdoor setting. Not only are these easy-to-install covers functionally superior, but they also enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your swimming area.

Choose these customizable and aesthetically appealing covers for maximum satisfaction from your investment.

Non-solar polycarbonate slat covers

Non-solar polycarbonate slat covers, a type of PoolDeck Slatted Automatic Pool Covers, are designed for function and durability. These outstanding pool cover options consist of air-sealed polycarbonate slats that conveniently float on the pool surface.

The sturdy nature of polycarbonate makes these covers robust and long-lasting. Unlike their solar counterparts, non-solar polycarbonate slat covers don’t significantly increase the temperature of your pool but offer commendable insulation benefits as they have impressive U-values when compared to other types of covers available in the market.

Solar polycarbonate slat covers

Solar polycarbonate slat covers offer several advantages for pool owners. Utilising solar energy, these types of covers need no electrical installations or wiring. The design enables a temperature increase in the pool water due to its ability to float and create an air seal on the surface.

Crafted from robust polycarbonate materials, these slat covers serve as true solar panels and boast impressive shock resistance features that add to their durability. With the added advantage of being eco-friendly due to their reliance on renewable energy, they make a compelling choice for those seeking cost-efficient pool heating options through pool covers.

Fully foam-filled covers

Fully foam-filled covers are primarily designed for indoor swimming pools. These covers are made with thick layers of foam, which provide excellent heat retention and insulation properties.

The thickness of the foam cover directly affects its ability to retain heat, making it an efficient choice for reducing energy costs associated with pool heating. In addition to heat retention, fully foam-filled covers offer benefits such as debris protection, evaporation reduction, improved energy efficiency, enhanced safety, and chemical regulation.

If you have an indoor pool and want a cover that offers exceptional insulation and energy-saving capabilities, fully foam-filled covers are worth considering.

Price Comparison between Pooldeck Slatted Automatic Pool Covers and Other Pool Covers

In comparing the costs of Pooldeck Slatted Automatic Pool Covers with other types of pool covers, consider a variety of factors, including the type of cover, its features, and the manufacturer.

Type of Pool Cover Approximate Price Range
Pooldeck Slatted Automatic Pool Cover $25,000 to $75,000 and up
Simple Swimming Pool Cover R4000 to R10,000
Automated Pool Cover Price varies depending on the manufacturer and model
Bubble Wrap Pool Cover Price varies depending on the manufacturer and model
PVC Slat Cover Price varies depending on the manufacturer and model
Non-Solar Polycarbonate Slat Cover Price varies depending on the manufacturer and model
Solar Polycarbonate Slat Cover Offered by PowerPlastics Pool Covers as a solar-powered alternative to manually operated thermal or safety covers. Price varies depending on the manufacturer and model
Fully Foam-Filled Cover Price varies depending on the manufacturer and model

While Pooldeck Slatted Automatic Pool Covers often come with a higher price tag, they offer the advantage of being able to support the weight of people and outdoor furniture. This comparison table clearly depicts the wide range in pricing, influenced by factors such as materials used, features provided, and brand reputation.

Making Informed Decisions when Choosing a Pool Cover

Compare the costs and benefits of different pool covers before making a decision. Seek quotes from local pool maintenance companies to get an accurate idea of pricing.

Comparing costs and benefits

Pool owners should carefully compare the costs and benefits when choosing a pool cover. Automatic pool covers, such as PoolDeck Slatted Automatic Pool Covers, offer numerous advantages that make them worth considering.

These covers not only help save energy and reduce heating expenses by up to 70%, but they also provide efficient heating and maintain cleanliness by keeping out dirt, leaves, and debris.

Additionally, automatic pool covers contribute to safety measures by preventing accidents and reducing manual labor for cleaning. Investing in a high-quality pool cover can prove to be cost-effective in the long run while ensuring a clean and safe swimming environment.

Seeking quotes from local pool maintenance companies

Seeking quotes from local pool maintenance companies is an important step in making an informed decision when choosing a pool cover. To ensure that you are getting accurate cost estimates and the best deal possible, here are some tips:

  1. Research local pool maintenance companies: Look for reputable companies in your area that specialize in pool covers and maintenance.
  2. Contact multiple companies: Reach out to several companies to request quotes. This will give you a better understanding of the average price range for pool covers in your area.
  3. Provide accurate information: When requesting quotes, be sure to provide the company with accurate information about your pool, such as its size, shape, and any specific requirements you may have.
  4. Ask for a detailed breakdown: Request a detailed breakdown of the costs involved in installing the pool cover. This will help you compare quotes from different companies more effectively.
  5. Consider additional services: Inquire about any additional services offered by the company, such as installation and ongoing maintenance. This may affect the overall cost of the pool cover.
  6. Compare costs and benefits: Once you have received quotes from different companies, compare them based on both cost and the value they provide. Consider factors such as durability, warranty, energy efficiency, and ease of use.

The Importance of Regular Pool Maintenance

Regular pool maintenance is crucial for ensuring a clean and safe swimming environment. From cleaning services to equipment inspection and repair, understanding the cost of maintaining your pool is essential for keeping it in top condition.

Packages and pricing for cleaning, water testing, and equipment inspection and repair

Regular pool maintenance is vital for ensuring hygiene and longevity of your pool. The cost for these services varies based on the type of package you choose. The basic package, which includes services like skimming, water testing, and filter checks, starts at around $80 per month. For a more comprehensive package, which includes regular filter cleaning, water testing, and chemical balancing, you may have to spend an average of $180 per month. Below is a detailed illustration of the packages and their associated costs:

Package Services Included Price
Basic Skimming, water testing, filter checks $80/month
Standard Regular filter cleaning, water testing, chemical balancing $180/month

Ensure to request a quote from local pool maintenance companies to get a better understanding of the costs involved. Also, you can use online pool maintenance cost calculators for an estimate. Remember, regular water testing, addition of proper chemicals, and maintaining a consistent water level are essential for the upkeep of your pool.

Specialized services and their costs

Specialized services for pool maintenance come with varying costs, greatly influenced by the type and size of the pool, its condition and the frequency of the service.

Service Average Cost
Water Testing Depends on the frequency, it could cost around R200 to R500 per test.
Equipment Inspection and Repair Pricing can range from R500 to R3000, depending on the type of equipment and the extent of the repair needed.
Regular Cleaning Costs can range from R300 to R1000 per service, depending on the size and condition of the pool.
Chemical Maintenance This can cost around R200 to R800 per month, depending on the size of the pool and the amount of chemicals needed.

It is important to note that the costs mentioned are estimates and actual prices can vary based on factors stated earlier. It is always advisable to get personalized quotes from local pool maintenance companies for more precise costs.

Contacting local pool maintenance companies

Local pool maintenance companies are a valuable resource when it comes to determining the pricing and options for regular pool maintenance. They can provide information on factors that affect the cost of pool upkeep, such as the frequency of cleaning services and whether or not you choose to use pool deck slatted automatic covers.

By hiring a professional pool maintenance company, you can benefit from their expertise and experience in keeping your pool clean and well-maintained. This allows you to save time and money by outsourcing these tasks to skilled professionals.

Regular maintenance provided by a reputable company can also improve the overall health of your pool, resulting in a cleaner and more enjoyable swimming experience for everyone.


Factors such as pool size, shape, and materials used heavily influence the cost of PoolDeck Slatted Automatic Pool Covers. Requesting a quote from local pool maintenance companies is essential for an accurate estimate.

With their ability to lower heating costs and reduce maintenance time, these covers provide both convenience and savings for pool owners.


1. What are the main factors that affect the cost of PoolDeck slatted automatic pool covers?

The main factors that affect the cost of PoolDeck slatted automatic pool covers include the size and shape of the pool, material quality, additional features, installation complexity, and regional pricing variations.

2. Does the size and shape of my pool impact the cost of a PoolDeck slatted automatic pool cover?

Yes, the size and shape of your pool can impact the cost of a PoolDeck slatted automatic pool cover as larger or uniquely-shaped pools may require more materials and labor for installation.

3. Are there any additional features that can increase the cost of a PoolDeck slatted automatic pool cover?

Yes, additional features such as remote control operation, integrated lighting systems, or custom colors can increase the cost of a PoolDeck slatted automatic pool cover.

4. Does installation complexity affect how much I’ll have to pay for a PoolDeck slatted automatic pool cover?

Yes, installation complexity plays a role in determining how much you’ll have to pay for a PoolDeck slatted automatic pool cover. Factors like ground preparation requirements or obstacles near your pool area may add to installation costs.

5. Why do prices for PoolDeck slatted automatic pool covers vary by region?

Prices for PoolDeck slatted automatic pool covers may vary by region due to differences in labor costs, local market competition among suppliers/installers, transportation expenses over long distances, and regional economic factors.