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Pool Cover Prices | Are Pool Covers Worth the Cost?


Who doesn’t want a house with a pool? It seems like a dream. Yet, nothing in life comes without any hidden costs. Heating. Cleaning. Chemicals. Equipment. Removing leaves. Repairs. Soon enough, you find yourself spending more money maintaining the pool than the pool itself costs. There is a potential solution: swimming pool covers.

That’s the idea anyway. But with so many pool costs, it’s understandable to be hesitant about pool cover prices.

After all, you don’t want to spend yet more money on a gimmick.

Luckily, that couldn’t be more wrong. Swimming pool covers significantly reduce the cost of running a pool. It reduces debris and dirt in the pool; it keeps the water warm and toasty; it means fewer chemicals need to be used.

It’s a win-win solution.

But what is the average pool cover price? How much should you expect to spend? And is there a cheaper answer?

What is the average cost of a pool cover?

Pool cover prices depend largely on the pool size and shape. Bigger pools or awkward shapes require more material, meaning costs go up. The material used is also a factor. Designs differ widely in utility and price, from thermal blankets to automatic slatted pool covers.

It is, therefore, best to get a quote before proceeding. That way, you’ll be able to continue with an accurate idea of cost. It may also give you an indicator of what type of pool cover you need.

The costs of the pool cover should be balanced against any potential savings. Pool covers can be a substantial upfront investment. However, over time, savings on heating and chemicals can mean pool covers actually turn a profit of sorts.

There’s also the protection from falling in. Sometimes you just can’t put a price on safety.

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Pool Cover Prices | Are Pool Covers Worth the Cost? 24

Are pool covers worth the money?

Yes! We would say that, though. We believe no pool is complete without a cover. And we’re always ready to explain why.

There are four broad reasons for pool covers:

  1. Maintain temperature

Thermal blankets do what they say – they lock in heat. No one likes diving into a freezing cold pool. It’s no fun at all. But the costs of heating an entire pool full of water can be astronomical. Particularly when the heat drifts immediately off into the chilly evening air.

That’s where swimming pool covers come in.

By trapping the heat below a layer of insulation, you can significantly reduce your heating bills. What’s not to like?

  1. Reduce water loss

Slowly but surely, the water in your pool is being lost. Even in the colder months, evaporation means water is leaking into the air. If not controlled, evaporation can damage your skimmers and pump system. It’ll also cause the concentration of chemicals.

Pool covers reduce the evaporation process. Less water is lost by covering the pool from sunlight and the air. That saves money and keeps your pool functioning.

  1. Decrease chemical use

Solar rays – or UV light – degrade pool chemicals. Chlorine, the most common pool chemical, won’t function if left in UV light for too long. That means more needs to be added to the pool system.

Considering chlorine doesn’t come cheap, it’s just one more unnecessary expense.

Like evaporation, pool covers protect the underlying waters from sunlight. Less sunlight means less chemical degradation. That’s money straight into your pocket!

  1. Minimise dirt and debris

If your pool is outside, you’ll know leaves, twigs, and all manner of debris inevitably finds their way into your pool. Hours are spent fishing out the dirt. Meanwhile, filters and pump systems can cost a small fortune. And that’s without mentioning the extra chlorine you’ll need to add.

Pool covers are an obvious solution. Covering the surface, pool covers prevent any dirt from getting into the pool. So, pool cleaning is a quick and easy job.

This might be the best benefit of all!

As you can see, pool covers save a fortune. Most, once installed, last years and years. It’s honestly a no-brainer!

What Are the Benefits and Savings of Using a Pool Cover?

Pool covers offer various benefits and savings. Firstly, they help conserve water by reducing evaporation, saving you on water bills. Additionally, they prevent debris and leaves from falling into the pool, reducing the need for cleaning and maintenance. Moreover, pool covers help retain heat, minimizing heat loss and reducing energy costs. Overall, investing in pool covers benefits and savings are well worth it.

How can I cover my pool cheaply?

Still not convinced? Well, not all pool covers are expensive. Pool cover prices differ wildly depending on the make and model. Thermal blankets, for instance, don’t provide all of the benefits of pool covers, but they’re significantly cheaper.

There are even more affordable solutions, however

Leaf covers are one example. They’re little more than a thin covering, like a tarp, stretched over the pool. They’ll stop leaves going in, but they don’t offer any safety or thermal benefits.

Indeed, you could just use a piece of tarp. It’s certainly cost-effective. But there are also numerous disadvantages. First, it wouldn’t be made to measure, meaning it wouldn’t serve its purpose very well. It’ll also be difficult to set up and put away.

There’s simply no substitute for a designer pool cover. Stylish and attractive but with functional and practical benefits – pool covers even prevent people from falling in. So, it won’t just save you money; it might also save your life.

If you want to receive a quote for a pool cover, get in touch today. We’re always ready to help.