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Frequently Asked Questions About PoolDeck Slatted Automatic Pool Covers


Pondering about a pool upgrade but unsure where to start? You’re not alone. This blog post is dedicated to clarifying all your queries about the innovative PoolDeck Slatted Automatic Pool Covers.

We’ll guide you through common questions, detailing everything from safety aspects to maintenance requirements, and by the end of it, you’ll be well-equipped with knowledge for a smooth transition towards an upgraded pool experience.

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Key Takeaways

  • PoolDeck slatted automatic pool covers are designed to enhance pool safety by acting as a horizontal fence, preventing accidents and keeping children and pets out of the water.
  • These covers are easy to use and operate with features like remote control operation and automatic opening/closing mechanisms.
  • Regular maintenance is necessary to ensure the longevity and proper functioning of the PoolDeck cover, including annual inspections and cleaning of PVC slats.

Overview of PoolDeck Slatted Automatic Pool Covers

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PoolDeck slatted automatic pool covers are a popular choice for both residential and commercial pools. These custom-made covers are designed to fit any size or shape of the pool and offer added benefits such as lightweight construction and an automated roll-up system for easy opening and closing.

What is an automatic pool cover?

An automatic pool cover is a horizontal fence for your pool, providing security and preventing accidents. It functions using slats that automatically extend or retract to cover the entire surface of your swimming pool.

This smart device not only assures safety but also prevents unnecessary water loss from evaporation. Engineered with polycarbonate slats, an automatic pool cover helps conserve heat in the water, reducing energy costs.

Another significant advantage of this innovation lies in its maintenance features; it keeps leaves and other debris out of the pool and ensures cleanliness without much effort involved from you as a owner.

Sporting both convenience and efficiency, an automatic pool cover is a popular choice among modern homeowners today.

Popular terms in the industry

Diving into the world of pool covers, there are numerous terms to grasp. Here’s a list of some commonly used vocabulary:

  • Automatic Pool Covers: Designed to cover and uncover a pool with the push of a button. They typically feature an automated roll-up system.
  • Custom Pool Covers: These are made-to-order covers designed to fit any shape or size of pools, like those offered by PoolDeck.
  • Pool Cover Installation: This refers to the process of fitting a pool cover onto your swimming area.
  • Pool Safety Covers: Primary function is safety. Pet and Child Safety Covers by PoolDeck exemplify this category.
  • Pool Maintenance: The routine work required to keep your pool in optimal condition, which can be reduced with an effective cover.
  • Pool Design: Refers to the aesthetic and functional layout of your swimming pool.
  • Solar-Powered Pool Covers: Operate using solar power, such as the Solar-Powered Slatted Cover by PoolDeck that uses only solar energy.
  • Thermal Pool Covers: Created specifically for heat retention, similar to Thermal Blankets provided by PoolDeck Slatted Automatic Covers.
  • Child Safety Pool Covers: Similar to safety covers designed primarily for child protection.
  • Vinyl Pool Covers: Made from vinyl material, like the Automatic Vinyl Safety Covers from PoolDeck.

Added benefits

PoolDeck Slatted Automatic Pool Covers offer more than just ease of use. These covers contribute significantly to pool safety by reducing dangers like drowning risks and water loss.

As an added advantage, they help maintain cleanliness in your pool, keeping leaves and other debris at bay for a clean swimming experience. Polycarbonate slats on the cover also function as a solar heater, effectively raising your pool’s temperature without any extra energy costs.

Above all, these automatic covers provide you with peace of mind knowing that your pool area is secured while also being simple to maintain and operate.

Details on Automatic Swimming Pool Covers

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Automatic swimming pool covers provide an ideal solution for those who want to maintain a clean pool while ensuring safety. PoolDeck slatted covers stand out in the industry due to their customizable nature.

One size fits all doesn’t apply with these; you can tailor them to any shape or size of your pool. Notably, Aquamatic covers utilise hydraulic fluid for operation as opposed to electricity, enhancing usability and safety even further.

Diving into more specific options, Designer Covers offers two types including the renowned PoolDeck Slatted Automatic Covers. Alternatively, consider the Aquadeck model if fully automatic operation is what you’re after.

This comes in six colour choices and mainly suitable for pools measuring around 30′ x 15′.

The primary selling point of automatic swimming pool covers is their push-button convenience coupled with unquestionable protection features. A significant concern among many potential users relates to safety – something manufacturers have given serious thought over time – automated pool covers now hold up under substantial weight, even supporting an adult if necessary!

Choose from various types based on your preferences and needs. However, make no mistake: each version promises optimal convenience and superior safeguarding measures compared with traditional cover options available in today’s market.

Common Questions about PoolDeck Slatted Automatic Pool Covers

– Are pool covers meant for safety? How do pool covers work? How long do they last? If you’re curious about these questions and more, keep reading to find out all you need to know about PoolDeck Slatted Automatic Pool Covers.

Are pool covers meant for safety?

Pool covers, particularly PoolDeck Slatted Automatic Pool Covers, play an integral role in maintaining the safety and hygiene of swimming pools. Often likened to a horizontal fence, a pool cover works tirelessly to seal off the pool area completely.

This vital feature not only helps prevent tragic incidents like accidental drowning but also serves as a deterrent for unwelcomed leafy intruders or debris.

Switching gears to consider our furry friends and little adventurers who are often drawn to water bodies out of sheer curiosity; pet safety and child safety pool covers are specially designed with their protection in mind.

As well as acting as barriers, these types of covers can withstand substantial weight without giving way. Moreover, automatic vinyl safety pool covers add another layer of convenience by automating the process through push-button operation whilst enhancing security levels significantly.

How do pool covers work?

Pool covers operate under a simple yet effective mechanism. They function as a horizontal fence by sealing off the pool surface and preventing accidental entry, making them an ideal safety feature for both children and pets.

These covers are composed of floating slats that shield the entire water surface, keeping unwanted debris from entering your pool while also halting suspended particles in their tracks.

Through these means, maintaining cleanliness becomes less of a chore. Moreover, polycarbonate slats play a unique role; they work to reduce water loss and conserve heat within the pool environment.

For ease of use and convenience, PoolDeck Slatted Automatic Pool Covers can be operated via remote control without much technical know-how needed on your part.

How long do pool covers last??

Pool covers, particularly those made with PVC slats, generally have a commendable lifespan. Typically, pool owners can expect these covers to perform efficiently for about 6 to 10 years, depending on use and maintenance.

The PVC slats that create the sturdy structure of the PoolDeck Slatted Automatic Pool Covers boast a warranty of five years but are engineered to last for more than ten if taken care of properly.

While this longevity is impressive in comparison to other types of pool covers, it is still essential for pool owners to consider their needs and usage habits when choosing the right cover for their swimming area.

Safety Features and Maintenance

The PoolDeck Slatted Automatic Pool Cover is designed with safety in mind for both children and pets, making it a secure option for any pool. Regular maintenance is required to ensure the cover functions properly and lasts longer.

Is the PoolDeck cover safe for children and pets?

The PoolDeck cover is designed with the safety of children and pets in mind. Acting as a sturdy barrier, it seals off the pool area, preventing accidental access and providing peace of mind for families.

This childproof and pet-friendly pool cover complies with safety standards, ensuring an additional layer of protection. With its weight-bearing capacity of up to 50kg per square meter, the PoolDeck cover is strong and durable, making it a reliable choice for families seeking both safety and functionality.

Regular maintenance and inspection are important to keep the cover in top shape and ensure ongoing safety for everyone.

How much maintenance is required for the cover?

PoolDeck slatted automatic pool covers require regular maintenance to ensure their longevity and proper functioning. It is recommended to have the cover and system inspected and serviced by a professional annually.

This helps prevent parts from breaking within as few as three years, reducing the need for costly repairs or replacements. By staying on top of maintenance, including regular checkups and cleaning of PVC slats, you can enjoy the benefits of a well-maintained pool cover, such as safety, cleanliness, reduced maintenance overall, and prevention of water loss.

Choosing the Right Pool Cover

When choosing the right pool cover, it’s important to consider factors such as quality, convenience, and access to parts.

Factors to consider: quality, convenience, access to parts

To choose the right pool cover, consider the following factors:

  1. Quality: Look for a pool cover that is made from durable materials and has a strong construction to ensure longevity and effectiveness.
  2. Convenience: Opt for a pool cover that is easy to use and operate. Consider features like automatic opening and closing mechanisms or remote control options for added convenience.
  3. Access to parts: Ensure that replacement parts are readily available in case any components of the pool cover need to be repaired or replaced in the future.

Benefits of automatic pool covers for fiberglass pools

Automatic pool covers offer several benefits for fiberglass pools. Firstly, they are made of heavy vinyl, which helps increase the temperature of the pool by 10 to 15 degrees. This means that you can enjoy a warmer swimming experience, even during colder months.

Secondly, these covers require no manual labor and can be easily operated with just a push of a button. Within a minute, your pool will be securely covered or uncovered, saving you time and effort.

Lastly, electric pool covers like the Thermo-blanket pool and spa cover are specifically designed for fiberglass pools, providing added benefits such as reducing heat loss and preventing water evaporation when the pool is not in use.


In conclusion, PoolDeck slatted automatic pool covers are a perfect choice for keeping your pool clean and safe. The custom-made design and motorized system make them convenient to use, while the PVC and polycarbonate slats offer durability and strength.

With these covers, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your pool is protected from debris, while also reducing maintenance and energy costs. Investing in a PoolDeck cover is a reliable and long-lasting solution for any pool owner.


1. How do PoolDeck slatted automatic pool covers work?

PoolDeck slatted automatic pool covers work by rolling and unrolling a series of interlocking slats to cover or uncover the pool. They are driven by a motor that can be controlled with a switch or remote control.

2. Are PoolDeck slatted automatic pool covers safe?

Yes, PoolDeck slatted automatic pool covers are designed with safety in mind. They can support the weight of an adult and provide a barrier to prevent accidental falls into the pool. However, it’s important to always supervise children around pools.

3. Can PoolDeck slatted automatic pool covers be customized for different pool shapes and sizes?

Yes, these covers can be customized to fit pools of various shapes and sizes. They can be made to measure and installed on both new and existing pools.

4. What are the benefits of using a PoolDeck slatted automatic pool cover?

Using a PoolDeck slatted automatic pool cover helps keep your swimming water clean by preventing leaves, debris, and dirt from entering the pool when not in use. It also reduces evaporation, heat loss, chemical usage, and energy costs associated with maintaining your swimming pool.

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