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How to remove and store swimming pool covers.

How to Remove and Store the Swimming Pool Safety Covers


Having a Swimming pool is a source of enjoyment. But along with the fun – comes the responsibility of managing the pool’s cleanliness and accessories like Safety pool covers. In this blog post, our emphasis will be on how to Remove and Store the Swimming Pool Safety Covers.

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Why is it necessary to Remove and Store your Pool Cover?

Benefits of removing and storing the pool covers

Removal of Swimming Pool Safety Covers

Every Swimming pool safety cover has different removal & storage criteria because of its composition and build quality. Some of the steps that you can use to remove the pool cover yourself are as follows:

Clean the Pool Area

Around the pool area, there may be some things that can be a distraction in the cover removal process, for example, toys and debris. Make sure to remove them before you initiate the cover removal process.

Remove excessive water

After you clear the pool surroundings, use a pool cover pump and remove the accumulated water & debris from the surface of the pool cover. Make sure to use the compatible pump with your pool cover.

Release the Attachments & Anchors

After clearing and cleaning tasks, gradually & carefully remove all the anchors through which a pool cover gets attached to the swimming pool. These attachments may be the springs, buckles, and hooks.

Fold & Remove it

After detaching the pool cover attachments, initiate the folding process and carefully remove the cover from the pool. The folding process varies with the type and material of pool covers.

Storage of Swimming Pool Safety Covers

After removing the pool cover, you need to follow some basic steps for its maintenance and proper storage. Those points are the following:

Suspect the Storage Place

Before you store the pool cover, make sure to clean and clear out the storage area. Make it free of sharp objects that can damage your pool cover. After cleaning this area, you can store your pool cover with peace of mind.

Clean the Cover

A pool cover protects the swimming pool from severe environmental conditions and faces a lot of wear & tear in this process. So, before beginning the storage process, clean the cover properly – For example, tidy it up gently with a smooth brush and a suitable detergent. Drain the water and let it get dry before storing.

Inspect the Cover

After cleaning the pool cover, inspect it throughout its dimensions to find any signs of damage. If you find a deformity in it, get it repaired before storage.

Fold, Roll, and Secure the Cover

In case there is no damaged spot in your pool cover or you got it repaired, start folding the pool cover. Fold it very gently so that there are no sharp folds. After folding, roll and secure it with the straps & bungee cords. You can also protect it by covering it with plastic sheeting & different fabrics (Nylon, Vinyl, Mesh) or can preserve it in a pool cover bag.

Advantages of hiring professionals to remove and store the Swimming Pool Safety Covers

Benefits of hiring professionals to remove and store the pool covers

Removal & Storage of Manual versus Automatic Safety Pool Covers

Manual and Automatic pool covers are very different. The manual covers require a person to pull them across the swimming pool. On the other hand, an Automatic Swimming pool safety cover does not need a manual operation after initial setup and covers the swimming pool by pushing a button.

So, because these covers are different in working mechanism, their removal & storage steps are a bit dissimilar. Their comparison points are as follows:

Pool Cover Removal


  • The Automatic pool covers are easy-to-remove because you can get them off the pool using a single button. On the contrary, a Manual pool cover has many attachments, like the releasing springs & buckles, that may hinder its easy removal.


  • The Automatic Pool covers have extra automation accessories that can get damaged if you carelessly remove them. So, the maintenance and repair of these covers may cost you more money than manual pool covers.

Professional Services

  • The Manual pool covers – usually do not have customized accessories and safety features. In contrast, the Automatic pool covers have them, so these covers need more time & professional services for their removal in comparison to the manual safety covers.

Pool Cover Storage


  • The Manual swimming pool covers are usually lightweight & small in size than the automatic pool covers. In addition, the manual covers do not have extra automation accessories, so they are easy to store than the automatic covers.

Material & Style

  • The Manual pool covers are usually composed of a flexible material that can fit into a small space in the storage. On the other hand, the Automatic Swimming pool covers have a typical style that may not be adjustable with the available storage capacity.

Storage Conditions

  • Despite the differences, both types of pool covers may need specific storage conditions and materials. So, for their proper storage & protection, you may have to seek professional pool cover storage services.

What Are Some Tips for Properly Storing Swimming Pool Safety Covers?

Properly storing swimming pool safety covers is essential for their longevity. To ensure durability, rinse the cover thoroughly before storage. Keep it dry and ensure there are no damp areas on the fabric to prevent mold or mildew formation. Folding the cover neatly and securing it in a clean, dry area will help maintain its quality. Follow these swimming pool maintenance tips to store your safety cover effectively.

To Conclude

To end the discussion, we would say the proper removal and storage of a Swimming Pool Cover is necessary for many reasons. Also, performing all the removal & storage tasks yourself does not seem a good idea because these pool covers are large & heavy and require a whole crew. However, you can hire professional services for this purpose, saving your time, energy, and robustness of the pool cover.

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