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6 best safety measures for swimming pools


A healthy body demands a healthy routine. This routine includes every situation – from resting to
being physically active. Swimming is an activity that must get involved in the daily routine
because it offers so many benefits.
Having a swimming pool at home is beneficial in various ways. It offers you the comfort of
home, guaranteed family time, health benefits, and much more. But, like every other thing,
swimming pools can be dangerous in some situations – mostly, it happens when you do not
have the pool safety measures at home.
Our experienced pool maintenance company in South Africa, Designer Pool Covers, admires
customers & blog readers. We offer various types of pool covers. But on this page, we have
prepared a pool safety equipment checklist for you to make easy decisions.

Importance of Swimming Pool Safety Measures

Swimming is – no doubt, a fun activity. But there are chances of getting hurt. For example, if
there is no pool cover, and your child is playing around the swimming pool, he might get slipped
into the pool.
In addition, your local government proposes some laws & regulations that you and your family
must follow to remain safe. Having swimming pool safety equipment is a part of these rules &

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Some Common Safety Measures for the Swimming Pools:

Every safety measure has significance in ensuring a healthy swimming session for you and your
family. Some of the most common swimming pool safety measures are the following:

Pool Safety Covers

Pool cover – is a generic term covering all those enveloping instruments that cover the surface
of your swimming pool. The pool covers have a lot of variety – depending on their purpose,
concept, and usage.
Some of the most common types of covers that people use for their swimming pools are manual
pool covers & automatic pool covers. These types are further subdivided based on their
material, usage, and operation. Some common types are solar pool covers, mesh pool covers,
tarp pool covers, solid security pool covers, winter pool covers, and hybrid pool covers.

The benefits of using pool covers are that accidents & injuries get prevented to a great extent. In
addition, these covers are durable, versatile, sustainable, hygienic, and easy to use. So, these
covers offer other safety as well as other benefits.

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Alarm Systems

A swimming Pool alarm system is an apparatus that makes a loud sound when something
unusual happens inside or around the pool. These events include the accidental entrance of
your child or pet into the pool.
These alarm systems have diversity in their features & working positions. There are various
categories. Some are infra-red or laser-based alarms, sentry-type alarms, floating pool alarms,
submerged pool alarms, and wrist-band pool alarm systems.
These instruments help you and your family swim in a safer environment. For instance, you can
keep an eye on children when they are playing outdoors and detect the presence of other
intruders in your pool. Thus, you can easily control your pool access by aligning your attention
with the alarm notifications.

Safety Fences & Gates

Safety fences are the barriers that restrict access to the swimming pool. Mostly, these fences
also have a fenced gate with hinges and latches. These physical barriers provide safety,
controlled access, pet protection, and privacy, comply with government regulations, and provide
These fences have many types according to different factors. Some of the most common ones
include wood pool fences, mesh pool fences, wrought Iron pool fences, aluminium pool fences,
and glass pool fences.

Rescue & First-Aid Equipment:

A rescue or first-aid kit is one of the primary elements of pool safety measures. This kit includes
items like:
Adhesive bandages
Gauze pads
Adhesive tape
Relief pads

Antibacterial soap
Cold compresses

Non-latex gloves

The benefits of having a first-aid kit around the swimming pools are numerous. Some of them
are that you can treat injuries quickly, prevent infections by cleaning wounds, and prevent
excessive bleeding.

Water Treatment Systems

Accompanying other factors, the water in your pool must get treated regularly. These treatments
include the Balance of water level, application of biocides, chlorination, controlling algae, usage
of UV light, and pool water filtration. In addition, these treatments vary with different types of
pools – for example, different types of water treatments are suitable for concrete & fibreglass
These treatments affect the quality of water in your pool. Without using these measures, your
swimming pool looks unclean & develops a foul odour. Bad-quality water can cause serious
health issues, for example, skin infections & eye diseases.

Pool Railings & Ladder:

Unintentional slipping accidents are much common around swimming pools. This type of injury
is the most common accident among younger children. Pool railings & ladders can add
significant value to other pool safety measures.
These pool railings have various types according to shape, height, and design. You can also get
customizable rails & ladders varying with your pool depth & area.

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The best Pool Safety Equipment in South Africa:

When finding the best pool safety equipment, you should note some ideas. These include the
properties of your pool, the quality you prefer, and your budget. The options also vary with the
cities – for example, you will find more options in big cities like Johannesburg & Cape Town. On
the other hand, there are limited options in smaller cities.


Once you start swimming at home, you will quickly acknowledge the need for pool safety
equipment. After installing these safety measures around your swimming pool, it becomes
easier to keep the pool safe & sound from different accidents.
We at designer pool covers – make sure you get the finest pool covers for your swimming pool.
We have a variety of options. Indeed, a pool cover is needed to prevent injuries and accidents
when your swimming pool is not in use. However, other equipment is also necessary for pool
safety. Check out this blog post and leave your valuable comments on this page.