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Swimming Pool Fences in South Africa -What You Need to Know


Backyard pools are a fantastic addition to any property, whether you want to enjoy a summer
full of family fun or are looking forward to being able to do some relaxing laps before or after
work – nothing beats the convenience of simply having to head to the back of the house for a
But although the benefits of having a pool are obvious, there are also some swimming pool
safety issues you need to consider – including the installation of a swimming pool fence.
As the owner of a backyard pool, you must ensure the safety of your family and guests in
your home. That means you need to make sure that children and pets are unable to enter the
pool unsupervised. The most effective way to do this is to install a swimming pool fence and pool
Below we will talk you through everything you need to know about installing a pool fence in
South Africa. You’ll learn about the legal requirements regarding swimming pool fences, the
benefits of having pool fence gates, and several types of swimming pool fences you can
consider using in your yard.

Is it mandatory to have a Swimming Pool Fence in South Africa?

The SABS (South African Bureau of Standards requires that every private swimming pool
in South Africa which can hold over 30cm of water is surrounded by a child-proof
fence. The bureau also requires you to install a solid safety cover or net over the pool to
prevent children from drowning (this cover needs to be installed by an “accredited
responsible party.”)
Here are some other rules you need to know regarding Swim Pool Fences and Covers in
South Africa:
 The pool safety cover needs to be installed by a trained and accredited industry
 Pool fences in South Africa need to be at least 1.2 metres tall and to be sunk into the
ground surrounding the pool by at least 50cm deep.
 Swimming pool fences should be difficult for children to climb and fence gates
should be difficult for children to open.
 Likewise, the pool cover fastenings and locks should prevent small children from
opening the pool.
 When your pool cover is closed, no object measuring 114mms diameter should be
able to be forced under the cover to touch the water. To achieve this the cover must
have a tensioning or locking system.
 Pool covers must be able to bear the weight of 220kg, to prevent collapse if a child
falls on top of it.
 There should be a complete barrier across the water when the pool is not in use.

 You should not allow water to pool on top of the pool cover after rainfall, it should
drain off unaided to avoid tears, breaches, and other safety hazards.

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What Are The Benefits of A Swim Pool Fence?

So, now that you know the requirements for having a pool fence in South Africa, what are the
benefits of ensuring you have a safe and secure swimming pool fence on your property?

Protect Your Family Members and Pets

One of the most obvious and important reasons to install a swimming pool fence is that you will be
keeping younger members of the family and pets safe. You can control access to the pool and
make sure that small children and animals do not have access to the water unless supervised
by a responsible adult.

Protect Your Children in Your Neighbourhood

It is now unheard of for children to wander off and decide to take a dip in a neighbour’s pool
on a sweltering day. Most young children do now have a proper understanding of the dangers
of water and this can lead to tragic accidents.
Installing a pool fence in South Africa will help you to keep the children and pets in your
neighbourhood safe as well as your own family. This will prevent them from entering your
garden and being able to access the pool while you are away from home.

Enjoy Peace of Mind and Avoid Worry

Some swimming pool fences incorporate extra safety features such as alarms and motion
detectors. These will be activated when the fence gate is forced open or if someone climbed
over the fence. This can end an extra sense of security and peace of mind if you are worried
about people entering the pool.

Keep Your Guests Safe During Outdoor Occasions

Outdoor barbeques and parties are some of the most pleasant ways to use your outdoor area
during the summer, but if alcohol is involved you need to think about safety measures.
Keeping your swim pool fence locked during these occasions will make sure that guests who
have consumed alcohol will not accidentally fall into the water and run into difficulties.

You Can Increase the Aesthetic Appeal of Your Yard Area

Many people worry that adding a swimming pool fence will disrupt the look of their yard and
become an eyesore. But there are many attractive swim pool fences that can add to the appeal
of a yard, rather than ruin it! Here are some different types of pool fencing you might
consider when looking for a pool fence in South Africa:
 A chain link fence
 Iron fences

 Vinyl fences
 Mesh fencing
 Picket fences and other types of wood fencing
 A concrete wall.
 A glass pool fence.

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Is It Necessary to Shock the Pool Before Rain in South Africa?

Before rainfall in South Africa, many pool owners wonder if shocking their pool is necessary. According to our shocking pool before rain expert guide, it is recommended to perform this task. Rainwater carries debris, organic matter, and bacteria which can contaminate the pool. Shocking the pool before rain helps counteract potential issues and keep the pool clean and safe for swimming.

Do Pool Covers Provide Sufficient Safety for Kids in South Africa?

Swimming pool covers for kids’ safety and heat retention are essential in South Africa. They provide an effective barrier, reducing the risk of accidents and drowning. These covers not only protect children but also help retain the pool’s heat, making it more enjoyable for swimming. Ensuring the safety of kids around pools is paramount, and investing in reliable pool covers is a wise choice.

Summary: Swimming Pool Fences in South Africa – What You Need to Know

When deciding upon the best type of fence for your pool area, you should consider safety
first and aesthetic appeal second. But that doesn’t mean you can’t come up with an attractive
solution that covers both. Assess the area and the potential dangers. Then think about which
type of swimming pool fence will help to protect against these while adhering to the SABS
guidelines we detailed above.
Choosing the best swimming pool fence for your property can be a fun and positive exercise
that enhances your property and gives you much-needed peace of mind.
For more information about Swimming Pool Safety Covers, click here. Our Child and Pet
Safety swimming pool cover will ensure that your swimming pool is securely covered and
inaccessible when a responsible adult is not present. Made of high-quality materials and
available in a range of attractive colours, this swimming pool cover will help you to keep
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